The free, easy way to make your own books, newspapers, year books and magazines.

There are so many things you can create using Press Club's simple, tried and tested templates designed by illustrators and artists.  Magazines, yearbooks, recipe books, story books etc. Make free pdf’s of your designs and use them to send to parents, load onto websites or to print at home or in school.

Subscribing gives you full  access to pre-made customisable templates. We believe children in schools deserve a free quality service so our templates have no hidden charges or paid for ‘premium features.’
We finance Press club by offering very competitive prices on printed work. Try our calculator. We don’t think you’ll find a cheaper service. Access our print shop by simply choosing the ‘PRINT’ button once you’ve finished your design.

Try our no sign-in demo:

Note to teachers, staff, parents and carers

This website has been created to help schools showcase children's work in a fun and easy way. It can be created in class, in a club or as an individual project.  

Using PressClub encourages teamwork, literacy, artistic and IT skills. It also gives children ownership of a  project that the whole school community can enjoy.

Our designs are simplified to help children complete projects and not spend hours deciding which font or background to use. The emphasis is on building the content of their newspaper and being involved and interested in their school and local community.

An image of a note pad.
Small images of various different newspapers, made inside of PressClub